1 Click Entertainment & Production Financing

   This is the age of entertainment, an era where we are surrounded by content left, right and center. If you are ready to bring your script to life and get those cameras rolling on your next project you might want to think of getting an Entertainment & Production Financing E&PF. E&PF helps you map out the best financial plan and solidifying the right funding option for you.


   For setting up an E&PF we start by signing a term sheet based on the credit approval of the project.

   Then we set up Escrow accounts which is confirmed by the OTT.

   After the agreement is signed, the disbursal sequences happens through the Escrow.

   The payments of the proposed contracts is received through the Escrow

   The commercial structure is decided according to each product.

Eligibility for E&PF:

   Contract with any top 5 OTT Platforms.

   Experience of more than 3 years OR 3 completed projects.

   Proposed project profitability and cash flows.

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