1 Click Human Resources Management Systems

   Human Resources Management System or HRMS refers to a combination of software and services that deals with 360 degree of internal Human Resources functions throughout an employee's work cycle.

   1 Click Capital’s HRMS services deals with employee data management to process payroll, employee recruitment, benefits, talent management, employee attendance, employees engagement etc.

   Our HRMS enables your organization to fully understand your workforce while simultaneously staying compliant with tax laws and labor regulation laws. It is a useful tool to help you manage a modern workforce.

   A company’s workforce is the most valuable assets of any business. We help you put together the most valuable information in front of you.

   Our most valued service 1 Click Payroll funding along with our HRMS service gives you a 360 degree human resource solution, wherein you get a line of credit to fund your payrolls on time at a low cost ROI while also the benefits of payroll processing all under one roof.

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