1 Click Lease Rental Discounting

Looking for Funding? Do you have a property that you are putting up for lease? 1 Click Capital now offers you instant capital against your leased property. This way you can get quick funds using your rental as a collateral.

  LRD is a form of term loan that grants you funds using rental receipts as a collateral. It works on the premise of rental properties being owed a fixed amount of rent.

How does LRD works?

  There are many commercial properties that are up for lease. A term loan known as Lease Rental Discounting is provided against commercial real estate or property. Lease rental discounting works like factoring.  LRD works when you enter into a rental contract with a tenant. We offer you capital at 2 % of your entire rent capital for the next 1 or 2 years. The renter then pays the rent inform of EMIs to the lending party.

  Lease Rental Discounting agreements have to be signed between three parties: the Owner, the Lender (1 Click Capital) and the Tenant.

  If you own a property and there is a prospect of fixed rentals for the long term, you can be eligible for the Lease Rental Discounting or LRD Loan.

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