1 Click Payroll

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   Approval : Application approval happens in less than 48 hours..

   Immediate Access : Once you’re approved, simply log in and get instant access to your funds. Our app and website gets you funded quickly and smoothly.

   Utilization : You can utilize your funds 24*7 and with round the clock support from our end.

   Limited paperwork: We require minimal documentation to get your application approved.

   Low Cost IR: Interest Rates are as low as 1.5% per month depending on your credit history and business revenue. Importantly, you only pay for the financing you use.

An Example of 1 Click Payroll In Action:

   Supposedly you have a payroll running of Rs 1 Crore, we provide you upto 50% of your payroll amount i.e. 50 lakhs as payroll financing, this amount would be returned in the period of 4 weeks and a new recurring limit would be set again after your EMI tenure is fulfilled.

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