1 Click Supply Chain Financing

Supply chain finance (SCF) is used to reduce financing costs and boost company efficiency for buyers and sellers involved in a sales transaction. SCF techniques operate by automating business operations and monitoring the approval and settlement of invoices from start to finish.

SCF is a combination of technology based business and financing that lowers costs and improves competency for all parties involved in the transaction.

This is a short term line of credit that optimizes working capital for both the seller and buyer equally.

The main benefit of Supply chain finance is the convenience that is added to the sales process. It adds protection for the buyer and seller and increases business transitions. It’s like a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

How Does SCF Works?

  The supplier issues an invoice towards the buyer.

  A confirmation comes from the buyer who approves it for payment from the lending party.

  The lender provides instant capital value to the supplier including a fee.

  At the time of payment due, the buyer pays the lender.

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