About Us

About us

Breaking New Ground Every Day

Listening to the Financial Needs of Businesses and Simplifying Payroll Funding for Digital India.

India’s first ever digital portal to offer payroll funding, making every business owner’s dream possible through everyday capital realities.

1 Click Capital is on a mission to change the way businesses in our country access the funding they need to pay their employees and sustain their business.

In these unprecedented times we know how difficult it is for organizations to survive and thrive; every business needs financial flexibility to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing environment and unlock full advantages of the opportunities presented to them in real time.

The threat of COVID grew into the MSME sector like fuel. Companies started collapsing one after another and during the same time it became difficult for banks to provide loans without prior networks.

We wanted to challenge the status quo of the financial market and reimagine the way lending capital and everything related to it happened in this country.

Our long enriched journey in the financial sector gave birth to this dream but it was the pandemic that revived us. Our thirst to solve the credit crisis in the MSME sector was finally taking shape.

Creating a cutting edge novel product in an unpredictable market wasn’t an easy feat but the immense bond and respect we brothers shared for each other and the expert industry advice we received from our mentors turned our dream into a reality.

We have since tied up with over 400 corporates and around 3750 individuals whom we have seamlessly financed and helped to revolutionize their journeys.

1 Click Capital is a NBFC verified by the Reserve Bank of India.
Primary Office Registered: Delhi & Gurugram
Headquarters: Mumbai


To create a business friendly way of leveraging capital to help individuals and institutions amid financial crises


To become one of the top fintech companies with global presence.


We believe we are a true FINTECH.

Futuristic: We aim to build a futuristic company where opportunities aren’t limited by geography or technology.

Integrity: We choose to implement integrity in our work and behave in the best interest of our clients.

Novel: We believe in developing novel and impactful ideas to solve financial needs in society.

Transparent: We pride ourselves in being candid and transparent in all we do. Even when no one’s looking!

Equal Opportunity: We strongly believe in gender diversity and inclusivity and strive to work towards gender pay parity in our company.

Committed: We are fully committed in our service and pledge to help our customers in every way we can.

Holistic: We don’t do anything halfhearted. We believing in giving 360-degree solutions to our loyal customers.


People Behind 1 Click Capital

Chief Executive Officer

I have over 32 years of experience in successful Leadership roles of Managing business, P&L, Sales & Marketing, Training and HR and Board Level Experience in the Financial Services industry spanning across Insurance, Banking (Private & Consumer), Asset Management, Retail Lending, Real Estate and VC funded ventures (Hotel Management Company, Education, Green Energy and Healthcare)..
I have worked with global organization such as Aviva Life Insurance, BNP Paribas, American Express Bank, SARE Group (DUET Private Equity) and Bedrock Ventures and have an excellent track record of building new businesses to a large scale organization and driving them to significant success.

Leena Malik
Managing Director

I am an Economics graduate from MDU and have an MBA in HR
I gained a rich enchaining experience working with Aeroflot Russian Airlines and 2 years of experience working with Jet Airways. I have been overseeing functioning of Information Technology, Finance, Risk Management, & Economic Intelligence.
Often while talking to my clients I would hear them complain about how difficult it is at the end of every month to gather capital to pay their staff especially when cash flow is stuck elsewhere. This made me ponder and I wanted to come up with such a solution that will help up and coming businesses with their financial crisis without jumping through a bunch of hoops. I along with my mentor created an idea of birthing a NBFC that will provide innovative never seen before services in not only India but the globe. 1 Click capital is the product of my, my family and my partners hard work and unyielding perseverance.

Harit Sandhu
Managing Director

I am a finance veteran with more than 2 decades of rich experience in the area of credit & underwriting, P&L, trade finance, vehicle finance, risk management, insurance, investment banking, AMC and securities.
It has always been my dream to create a technology based lending company and then Covid came created a huge whole in the MSME sector where credit crunch was at its highest. This presented us with an opportunity to work with various companies and deal with the realities of payroll funding in the market. It is my vision to see 1 Click Capital as the globe’s leading Fintech Company.

Sanjay jolly
Chief operating officer

I am a Sales professional with an ability to negotiate favourable outcomes and maximise business potential with over 3 Decades of experience . A thorough peoples’ person, experienced in mentoring and working with a vast network of professionals. Also a tenacious individual with high business acumen and proficiency in solving complex situations.

Advisory Board

RS Setia
R S Setia

R S Setia is Chartered Accountant with 40+ years’ experience in BFSI Segment. Executive Director and part of senior management in Bank of Baroda in India and overseas centers. Worked with Edelweiss as Advisor and partner of Edelweiss resolution Advisors LLP

Ameet Parekh
Ameet Parekh

Ameet Parekh is an Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker and International Business success Coach. He has dedicated his life in empowering business owners in building businesses which are massive wealth generating machines and would eventually run without them. He will put you in control of your business with just a few simple proven moves that will empower you to access time and financial freedom for the first time.

Rohit Lal
Rohit Lal

Rohit Lal is an alumnus of IIT, KGP and IIM, Kolkata. He is the CEO of skyllMe, and partner of PACT LLP. He was a career banker for over 2 decades and has worked with leading organizations. He has worked with several reputed BFSI companies on mission critical projects and helped them improve process efficiency and controls while reducing costs and operational risks.

prerak parmar
Prerak Parmar

Prerak Parmar is presently CDO with Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company. Previously worked with Kotak Life and Max Life Insurance. 25+ years in General Management & Sales & Distribution Management, Change management, efficiency enhancement and giving productivity at large scales. Core expertise in BFSI/ FMCG.

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